Lydia Betz ’23


Wednesday, October 20th, 2021 Player of the Week

Lydia Betz

        Lydia Betz 5’10 from from Schnellville, Indiana graduating Class of 2023 is a confident and poised player. Lydia is thinking about studying psychology or secondary education in college. 

          Lydia positions herself well on the court to make plays and does an extraordinary job using her body. She has exceptional court vision which allows her to read and react quickly. Lydia is a tall lefty guard who can get past and push through the defense. Lydia makes good decisions in the moment taking what the defense gives her. Lydia knows how to push the ball up with a pass to her open teammates from one end to the other. Off the dribble, Lydia can get the ball to her teammates at any second. Lydia is also a consistent three point shooter making her even more of a threat. Lydia has played varsity since her freshman year and stays in high academic standing with a 3.73 GPA.



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