Mia Little ’23


Wednesday, October 13th, 2021 Player of the Week

Mia Little

        Mia Little from Ithaca, NY graduating Class of 2023  is the type of player who is everywhere on the court. Mia will be studying early childhood development in college.

         Mia either has the ball in her hands or goes after the ball to get it. Being a controlled ball handler and being a quick player is a huge advantage for Mia. Mia uses one or two moves, accelerates and finishes with either hand at the basket. Her speed allows her to get past almost any player, no matter how tall. Mia knows how to position herself offensively without the ball to find her shot. When the opportunity presents itself, Mia can also dish to her teammates for a high percentage shot. Mia is tenacious on defense being low to the ground forcing turnovers. Once Mia forces a steal she’s off to the races beating the defense down the court to convert offensively. Mia has played varsity the past three years and has received ESPN Player of the Game.



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