Deciding What You Want

There is a fit for each individual player.

Knowing what you want will help decide where you’ll go!

What am I attending college for?

Deciding what you want to attend college for is important. Is it important for you to play basketball and receive a degree? Are you more focused on academics than playing basketball?

Being an athlete can be an advantage to being accepting into college. If a school is interested in you for basketball then usually it is easier to be accepted providing the academic requirements are met.



Questions to ask yourself:

Is your goal mainly to play basketball in college?

Are you more focused on your studies than playing basketball?

Is playing basketball and getting your education equally important?


School Size

There are different types of school size for colleges. The college size is determined by the number of enrollment. Usually larger schools are more competitive (Division I).

Take the time to look at the enrollment sizes of the schools you are interested in. 




Questions to ask yourself:

What size school would I prefer: a very large school, a large school, a medium sized school, or a small school?

What states or region would I be interested attending college?

Would I consider a school interested in me for basketball even if I would not consider going to that location?

Applying to College

Usually if a college is interested in you as a player they will contact you first and then have you apply. 

You should also apply to any schools you are interested in that may not know about you as a basketball player. When you apply you should also contact the recruiting coach or one of the assistant coaches at the college telling them you are interested in their college and playing for them. 

It is also IMPORTANT to apply to schools you would be interested in if playing basketball didn’t work out for you. 


Questions to ask yourself:

Does the team already have players in my position? How many of them?

Am I a fan of the coach on and off the court?

Have I seen the team play? Can I play at that level and/or within the team’s system?