Avery Marchino ’24


Player of the Week

Wednesday, October 27th, 2021 

Avery Marchino

        Avery Marchino 5’11 graduating Class of 2024 from Bethany, Oklahoma is a player to watch. Avery knows how to get to her spots and also how to get the ball to her teammates in their spots. 

          Last season, Avery was awarded “Honorable Mention” as a freshman, her first year playing varsity. Avery does a great job catching the ball in stride while staying balanced ready to make her move as soon as she catches the ball. Avery knows where to move on the court to get herself open. Moving when the ball moves, Avery fades to the open spot, catches, and shoots. When Avery sees the opportunity to cut without the ball she takes it. Avery has a sense for where she should be on the court and knows where her teammates are on the court to get them the ball. Avery’s court awareness allows her to get into position to grab steals on defense. In school, Avery is a 4.2 GPA student and wants to study physical therapy.



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