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Any general questions or questions about recruiting, video and choosing a college

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To feature a player the following information is required:

1-Town and state the player is from

2-Name of their high school and graduating class 

3-Player’s height

4-Player’s stats

5-How many years the player was on varsity & the years started on varsity

6-Any basketball awards/accomplishments the player has received INDIVIDUALLY

7-Any basketball awards/accomplishments the player has received WITH THEIR TEAM (conference championship, county championship, state championship, etc)

8-Player’s GPA

9-Player’s academic achievements

10-Honors or AP classes they are taking

11-Player’s major they want to study in college 

12-Link to YouTube channel

13-A clear picture of the player (preferably an action shot playing or in the gym)

14-***MOST IMPORTANT*** The player’s competitive AAU highlights or video sent through to

15-Player’s phone number and email

16-Parent’s contact info

17-Parent’s consent filled out: