Leila Belle McNair ’26


Player of the Week

Wednesday, January 12th, 2022

Leila Belle McNair


    Leila Belle McNair 5’7 Class of 2026 from Marlton, NJ is a rhythm, lights out shooter!

    Leila is a young player still developing however, she has all the tools to be a remarkable player. Leila’s shooting ability is superb. She catches the ball, stares down the basket and quickly releases; the definition of catch to shoot.

    Leila is a multi-faceted player being able to score in transition or off the drive with either hand. She also has impeccable court vision and excellent passing. This past summer Leila attended the Philadelphia 76ers Overnight Girls Basketball Camp. Leila played up with the high school girls and her naturally game fit that level. Leila was challenged to elevate her game by making quicker decisions and adjusting to playing against stronger and taller players. She rose to the challenge and was a standout player among the high school group. 

     Academically, Leila has worked hard to maintain a 3.7 GPA. Currently, Leila would like to pursue a medical degree in college. 


Making Waves in Women's Basketball