Payton Rollins ’27


Player of the Week

Wednesday, December 1st, 2021

Payton Rollins

    Payton Rollins 5’5 graduating Class of 2027 from Knoxville, Tennessee, HAS IT ALL, including potential to grow!

       Payton is a seventh grader with this year being her second year as a varsity starter. Payton is a two time All Tournament Player, a GBYC All American Invitation Player, an Inside Exposure All American Invitation Player and a World Exposure Showcase Player. 

     Payton possesses a high basketball IQ in addition to her skills. Payton is always two steps ahead knowing exactly where to be in different situations. Her anticipation in the game of basketball is remarkable. She is a player ahead of her time with tremendous potential for growth.  Payton is not afraid of contact whatsoever! She plays aggressive at all times. Payton is a strong ball handler being able to get past multiple defenders. Payton can handle contact while trying to score either hand or while she’s hit in the act of shooting. Payton’s shot is very consistent anywhere on the floor. Her defense is full throttle and aggressive which causes havoc for opponents. Payton understands what types of passes to throw her teammates when they are in a position to score. Payton is a team player who is skilled. Payton Rollins is a PLAYER TO WATCH for sure!


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