Ge’Kayla Goins ’25


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Wednesday, September 14th, 2022


Ge’Kayla Goins

    Ge’Kayla Goins, 5’2, Class of 2025 is from Graham, North Carolina. 

     Ge’Kayla is an active and unafraid guard with quick thinking! Goins thinks and reacts simultaneously resulting in positive plays. When seeing what’s in front of her, Ge’Kayla easily creates off the dribble, planning accordingly to take the best available route. She immediately can change direction to get where she wants to go. Goins has no hesitation going through anyone, absorbing the contact as she finishes. She knows where to be on the court giving her the opportunity to grab steals or find an open shot. Ge’Kayla has a consistent shot beyond the three point line. Her passing is spot on knowing where her teammates are and when to give up the ball. 

       Goins started on varsity last season as a freshman. Her awards for that one season include: HS Central Carolina All Conference Player 21-22, The Assist Leader Award PCHS 21-22, Most Valuable Offensive Player PCHS 21-22, and MVP PCHS 21-22. Ge’Kayla played a major role in her team winning a CAA4SC Central Carolina Conference Championship 2021-2022 and leading the Lady Bobcats to the most school wins in school history.

       Ge’Kayla was a CAAS4C State Champion in the 400m, 4x100m, & 4x200m in Track & Field. 

        Academically Goins is an A Honor Roll student. As a freshman she completed English l Honors, Earth/Environmental Science Honors I and World History Honors I. As a sophomore she will be enrolled in several Honors classes. Ge’Kayla is currently undecided about her major. 


’21-’22 Season Stats: 9.7 PPG, 2.3 APG,

3.3 SPG, 2.4 RPG



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