Angelina Tringali ’23


Player of the Week

Wednesday, February 9th, 2022

Angelina Tringali

    Angelina Tringali, 5’9 Class of 2023, is from Auburn Hills, MI.

    Angelina is truly a team player. She is able to score confidently, however she looks to involve her teammates whenever she can. When she has the ball in her hands, Angelina makes excellent judgement calls in the moment. She is a rhythm shooter who can drive or pass for the assist. Angelina also knows exactly how to move without the ball making herself open and available. Tringali knows how to use her body to her advantage. Knowing how to use her body helps her grab rebounds and finish second chance shots. She is quick to anticipate on defense being in the right spot for a steal. 

     Angelina is a three year starter on varsity. As a junior, she is a team captain and MAIA Honorable Mention. Tringali has been an integral part of her team leading them to District Finals two years in a row. Cumulatively, her varsity squad has been acknowledged as a MAIA 3.5 GPA. 

     Angelina has been an honor roll student herself as a freshman and junior. Her GPA stands at a  4.02. Angelina completed AP Bio as a sophomore and is now taking AP Language as a junior. Tringali plans on choosing sports psychology as her major. 

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