Raine Mears ’22


Wednesday, August 6th, 2021 Player of the Week


Raine Mears

        Raine Mears 5’10 Class of 2022 from Middletown, NY is a two way player working hard on both ends of the court. Raine wants to major in either animal science or criminal justice. Raine is currently enrolled in BOCES Animal Science program through her high school.

        Raine’s athleticism allows her to block shots, intercept passes and force turnovers making her a defensive force. Being very athletic and having such great anticipation is what allows Raine to find the ball. Raine has a consistent jumper beyond the 3 point line. She also has the ability to score off the dribble with either hand. Raine is an extremely coachable player and is extremely eager to always learn more. Raine is very supportive of her teammates and has a positive outlook. She knows how to correct herself and make a better play the next possession. 

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